Become a Social Media Expert

5 Steps To Become a Social Media Expert

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You may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t know anything about Facebook” or “What is Twitter?” or you might know quite a bit about social media outlets, you just aren’t sure how to take that next step to becoming a social media expert. I will give you 5 easy steps to become a social media expert that will take you no time at all.

1. Get Involved in Social Media

Don’t be scared! The biggest mistake any company or individual can do is not joining any form of social media. I’m not saying go crazy and join every social media outlet out there if you are new to this, but if you aren’t on Facebook, go sign up now. Facebook is the most basic and widely used of the social media world. Facebook has over 845 MILLION users and if you are not one of them, you should be. In order to be a social media expert, you need to be a social media user!

2. Do Your Research

Do not plan to be an expert in any field, especially a social media expert, if you do not plan to spend a suffient amount of time doing research on the best practices as well as emerging trends within the field. Obviously, if you are reading this article on being a “Social Media Expert” you are interested in the social media field. The best way to get your research started is by simply using Google to search for emerging social media trends and finding other experts to find out what they are doing. Best practices guides are located everywhere and the one here might be of some use to get you started.

3. Embrace Change

Social Media Experts know this more than anyone and soon you will too. Social media is constantly changing and just when you think you are becoming an expert on something, it will change. Believe me, it will change. Facebook announced this week that every fan page would be changing over to the new “timeline” format. Even though a lot of people weren’t happy about it, guess what, they are going to have to deal with it. Instead of wasting your time complaining to black holes of complaint inboxes, embrace the change, get ahead of your competition and learn how to make the new format better than the previous. Change is fun, it keeps things interesting, to be a social media expert, you must embrace it!

4. Use, Use, Use

In every literal sense of the word, use the social media that you want to be an expert of. I can’t tell you how many individuals I have seen call themselves a social media expert and when I asked for their Facebook direct link, they have asked how to do that. If you are not a power user of your field, you will never, ever be considered an expert. Almost as quickly as you can become a social media expert, you can be discredited and dropped by hundreds, maybe even thousands, of users in a day. It happens every day when an expert displays a side of them no one likes and instantly, discredited and unfollowed. Make an impact by having an account, be active on it, and enjoy the socializing.

5. Subscribe to Other Experts

If you are interested in being a social media expert, then you MUST stay on top of what all of your competitors are doing. The easiest way to do this is to subscribe to other experts, whether it be through a social media outlet, RSS feed or by subscribing to their email lists (you can join my email list by going here). If you are worried about getting “spammed” by putting your email address out there, then create a new account, but whatever you do – subscribe to them all!

5 Steps To Become a Social Media Expert by Gabe Peters

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  1. Karen Stavert

    Nice Job Gabe!!!!!

    You are a talented fellow and I’m glad that I met you.
    Thanks Karen

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